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3BR Powersports

X~PWR H9 All weather External Power Kit for GoPro HERO9 HERO10 HERO11 HERO12

X~PWR H9 All weather External Power Kit for GoPro HERO9 HERO10 HERO11 HERO12

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*Never again miss that exciting video shot due to dead batteries!

X~PWR™H9 All-weather external power kit allows your GoPro HERO9, HERO10, HERO11 and HERO12 Black cameras to be plugged into an external USB power source for continuous power.

X~PWR™H9 rugged anodized aluminum case and cable retainer provides protection against the harsh environments of winter sports, powersports activities and more.

Now you can run the Hero camera battery killing apps like the GoPro Bluetooth smartphone interface and still catch all the action. Record continuously as long as there is memory space on the camera memory card.

X~PWR™H9 side-loader case allows use of the GoPro Max Lens Mod

Removable top cold shoe gives the camera GPS antenna clear view of the sky for optimum GPS performance

316 stainless steel mount foot and cold shoe screws provide maximum resistance to salt water corrosion

X~PWR™H9 provides two mounting options:

  • Camera flip-out mount feet.
  • Add-on machined aluminum mount foot allows the camera to be removed from the housing without removing the housing from its mounting

*All-weather is NOT waterproof. X~PWR™H9 cannot be submerged.

X~PWR™H9 Kit Includes:

  • Aluminum mount frame with side cover and hinged door
  • X~PWR™H9 Cable
  • Machined aluminum mount foot
  • Hex wrench for mount foot attaching screws
  • Machined aluminum removable cold shoe
  • 7x buttonhead 316 stainless steel cap screws for attaching mount foot & cold shoe
  • 2x 1/4x20 camera screws with integral bail
  • M4x8 O-ring
  • M5-0.8x20mm mount screw
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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Great product great services

I bought two of these mounts, the first was stolen off my police motorcycle ( yes that's correct off a police bike). I ordered another bracket only to learn that they no longer shipped to Australia, an e mail to the guys and the problem was overcome and I received a replacement bracket. My bracket is used to house a GoPro 11 which is mounted to my police BMW1250RT and has been great even in 40 degree plus temperatures.

Thanks for the review Andy.
You will be happy to know that I can now ship to Australia.
BTW you have some cheeky blokes in your area to steal stuff off of a police bike.
Don B


I wrote a horrible review saying I could not get the camera to power on and the product was horrible. Well, I was completely wrong, the customer service for this company was top notch and sent me information and videos to clear the error. Boy, first time I've been please to be wrong. Thank you for your help and I will forever sing your praises

Thanks Pete!
I really appreciate your patience and persistence to get this worked out

Peter Fisher

Can't even get the camera to saty on.

Peter - I wish you would have contacted me before posting this review.
If your camera records for a few seconds and then stops it' could be your SD card. GoPro cameras are very sensitive to memory R/W speed.
Please send me an email ( so I can help you get back recording in 5 star style.
[UPDATE] Thanks for getting back to me.
You said, 'Thos (sic) thing does not work. Says not enough power '
The “Not enough Power” message is a GoPro firmware issue that can be solved.
Go to my FAQ page and look at the “Fixing the “not enough power” error.
Let me know how it goes with the “not enough power” fix. If that doesn’t get you going we’ll figure out what to do next.

Janne Laitinen
Customer service and product quality

I live in Finland and I received excellent customer service from the company. The products I received are also of very good quality. I can definitely recommend the company's services.

H9: Excellent design and build quality!

The design of each part and how they work together as a whole are very well thought out and functional except for two minor design flaws. The machining is flawless. I have several other cages and frames but this one is by far the best out of any of them. The hardware is also top quality except for the M5 mounting screw which is approximately 4mm too short. (I just used a longer one I already had.) The only thing I added to this package is medium strength thread lock for the screws for the bottom mounting bracket and I modified two parts to work better.

The first minor design flaw is that the very tight tollerances (a good feature!) don't allow a rear screen protector to be used on the camera. This is easily solved by filing down 1mm from the inside, front-facing surface of the rear of the main cage on the end that the door closes against. I mounted the cage in a vise using soft jaws and then filed away 1mm of the cage. I then radiused the edges and then smoothed all filed edges and surfaces with fine steel wool. Now the camera can slide in and out with a screen protector on without introducing any free play to the camera once it is inside the cage. Hopefully this will be designed in to version 3 of the 3BR H9.

The second minor design flaw is that there is no way to attach a tether to the setup and a tether is mandatory for my use. One solution would be to use one long hinge pin for the access door instead of two small ones. This would allow a small stainless steel tether to be looped between the pin and the inside of the frame or a split ring to be attached to the pin. What I did instead was to machine a small groove on the flat surface of the add-on aluminum mount foot so that the threaded end of my small stainless steel tether could pass between the foot mount and the camera. There is already some space between the installed foot mount and the camera so only a shallow new groove is required and it shoould be wider than it is deep if you want to remove only the minimum amount of material from the foot for the groove.

This product is the only way to externally power my GoPro that isn't too bulky or heavy to mount to the chin area of my helmet and the only viable way to externally power it and still stay watertight enough.

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