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3BR Powersports

Cable, Red Band™, USB GPS Charging, USB-A to USB-mini RA UP,

Cable, Red Band™, USB GPS Charging, USB-A to USB-mini RA UP,

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Red Band™ GPS Power cables enable Garmin Nuvi GPS to navigate when plugged into a generic USB power port such as the 3BR Powersports TAPP family of all-weather USB power ports.
Garmin Nuvi uses the cable to determine which mode, navigate or data, the GPS should be operating in. Using a standard USB data cable to power a Garmin Nuvi will cause it to go into data mode for transferring maps, route/track data, pictures etc.
The Garmin factory power cable is used to enable navigation mode. However, the Garmin power cable is unsatisfactory for powersports applications as it is not weatherproof, is way too long and is only supplied with a cigarette lighter-type of plug.
The 3BR Powersports Red Band GPS power cable looks like a standard USB data cable with a USB Type A plug on the source end but it has internal circuitry to make it appear to the GPS as a Garmin power cable. The USB Type A plug allows powering the GPS from any generic USB port and allows use of 3BR Powersports patented TAPP CAPP cables for full all-weather protection.
  • Special internal circuitry simulates the Garmin factory power cable.
  • Right Angle Up device end USB Type B Mini plug matches the Garmin power cable to ensure correct orientation in the GPS.
  • Robust device end USB Type B Mini plug includes:
  • A pull tab on the back side to significantly reduce the strain on the joint between the metal shell and rubber housing.
  • The rubber housing molded in precision tooling to provide the maximum coverage of the metal shell allowed by the USB specification. Increasing the rubber coverage minimizes failures due to metal shell separation that is common with USB Type B mini plugs.
  • Rubber durometer hardness carefully selected to provide maximum plug strength while still providing sufficient strain relief flexibility.
  • Will charge most USB powered GPS and video cameras, not just Garmin Nuvi.


  • Source end plug – USB Type A
  • Device end plug – USB Type B Right Angle Up
  • Marking – Red Band indicates that the cable is for power only and CANNOT be used for data transfer.
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