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Red Band™ USB Cables


What is a Red Band™ Smartphone Quick-Charge Cable and why do I need one?
Red Band™ USB Smartphone Quick-Charge Cables looks like standard USB data cables but have the built-in ability to signal smartphones such as Android™ or Windows™ to charge at full rate when plugged into any “dumb” charger such as car chargers, wall adapters or 3BR Powersports TAPP series of all-weather USB power ports. Charging at full rate can reduce the charging time by as much as two hours and will easily keep up with power hungry applications such as GPS or video.

The Red Band cable was developed to take advantage of the smartphone’s ability to charge at different rates depending on the charging source. Reduced charging rates are required when the smartphone is plugged into a computer to prevent overloading the computer’s USB port which may be limited to 500mA (0.5A). The Red Band cable signals the Smartphone that it is connected to a dumb charger most of which are capable of providing current of 1.0A or more.

Red Band Smartphone Quick-Charge cables get their name from the red band that indicates that they are charging cables only and CANNOT be used as a data cable.

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All 3BR Powersports USB cables
are available in standard form or with TAPP CAPP.


Cable, RedBand, USB Micro RA

Red Band™ GPS Power cables enable Garmin Nuvi GPS to navigate when plugged into a generic USB power port such as the 3BR Powersports TAPP family of all-weather USB power ports.

Garmin Nuvi uses the cable to determine which mode, navigate or data, the GPS should be operating in. Using a standard USB data cable to power a Garmin Nuvi will cause it to go into data mode for transferring maps, route/track data, pictures etc.

The Garmin factory power cable is used to enable navigation mode. However, the Garmin power cable is unsatisfactory for powersports applications as it is not weatherproof, is way too long and is only supplied with a cigarette lighter-type of plug.

The 3BR Powersports Red Band GPS power cable looks like a standard USB power cable with a USB Type A plug on the source end but it has internal circuitry to make it appear to the GPS as a Garmin power cable. The USB Type A plug allows powering the GPS from any generic USB port and allows use of 3BR Powersports patented TAPP CAPP cables for full all-weather protection.

Red Band™ CABLE, GPS POWER, USB Type B Mini, RA UP

Red Band Cable, GPS Power, USB Type B Mini


To us engineers, right angle means a 90° angle. It doesn’t matter what direction it faces as long as it’s 90°. However, when we talk about USB plugs, the direction the plug faces with respect to the wire exit direction makes a big difference.

Our cables with right angle plugs have a modifier following the “right angle” description that identifies the cable exit direction. The direction is specified with respect to the plug when looking down at the top of the plug with the wide side of the metal shell facing toward the viewer. The illustration shows the orientations.


3BR Powersports USB cables have three connector plug types:

TYPE A – this is the common USB plug that plugs into a PC or power ports. It is always the “host” or master end of the connection.

TYPE B Mini – this plug was introduced by the USB organizing group in answer to the need for a small USB plug for portable devices.

TYPE B Micro – As portable devices got smaller and smaller it became apparent that the Type B Mini was too tall (thick) so a thinner plug was developed. The Micro plug is the same width as the Mini but much thinner.

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